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Learning with year 7

April 3, 2012 by · 2 Comments · School

Great to see year 7 getting into blogging. Its taking some time to find user names and stuff that haven’t already been used, but we’re now into it and customising the look. Good times and lots of great learning reflection to come.

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Happy Steve indeed

March 22, 2012 by · No Comments · learning and change, School

Just reading Steve Collis’ blog post Landscape/Frame/Gateway… I really like the graphic representation of term 4 yr 8 French. To begin, the idea of various paths to a common destination while not new, is greatly enhanced for kids (and teachers)¬†with the visual. One of the barriers to change is the assumptions we carry about our paradigms – too often not even recognising there are assumptions operating that impede our view forward. This visual goes some way to removing this barrier as we can readily see the metaphor. Seeing school in a gaming frame illuminates what is otherwise covered by a blind we don’t see as being there.

Re PBL and other models where students are authentically placed at the centre, in self-directed learning, teacher assistance is just that – assistance, where needed, when needed and by those that need it. The drag of listening to someone bat on trying to cover all the bases for all in a one size fits all model is removed – liberation is at hand!

‘Round every corner

February 20, 2012 by · No Comments · Gratitude Project

Saturday. Finally we had a sunny day. Hawkesbury. Boat. Beautiful.
I love how corners invite exploration – what’s around the bend, what waits to be discovered. Opportunity.
Sunday. Morning. Bec packing to go away for uni. Friends coming and going all morning to hang out with her – lovely affirmation of friendship and connectedness, and signalling that they’ll be there supporting each other as they each discover what’s around all the corners they have coming up. Afternoon. Wollongong, unpacking, registering, sorting. She’s whisked away almost immediately to activities and meeting new people. Awesome. Really well organised. Lots of things around the corner for her – highs, lows and everything in between. Big turning point – lots of things in store for us too around the corner of being ‘empty nesters’ for the first time.

10 days later

February 16, 2012 by · No Comments · Gratitude Project

So,its been a while – not altogether unexpected with back to work, lots of people over, school …
Lots to write about – my beautiful year 10 English class (in the corridor – boy leader of cool “oh miss we don’t have English today” – not in a tone of jubilation, but regret. Same child at the end of a lesson “miss do you think we could run an extension English class before school?”) can’t describe my joy at that one. Teaching Macbeth again – that’s absolutely one to be grateful for.
Fruitful conversations with some colleagues – working towards moving the stagnant middle toxic ground. Promising.
Away from work – daughter comes home with beautiful red hair – glorious and grown up. She is awarded all rounder at speech day.
Shoulder getting a little better.
Mostly, today I want to write about yesterday’s funeral.
Very dear friend of my sister’s – they’ve worked together for over 30years – travelled, had holidays, shared joys and tragedies. A family friend. I spoke at the funeral on Jan’s behalf as she’s overseas. Happy to do do for her. Marg’s husband Rob did the eulogy – absolutely extraordinary! Broke down, recovered, and painted a vibrant picture of a woman who grasped life by the horns and lived it to the full, laughing and talking all the way. Funny – whenever I think of Marg – my mind’s eye paints her laughing. What an extraordinary gift.
Funny – same celebrant as Lynne’s, same venue, a little deja vu.
Happy too for the cry on the way home.

Like minded serendipity

February 6, 2012 by · No Comments · Gratitude Project

Love how the universe converges. Working away this morning (love the early morning quiet time at work before everyone gets in). Text message from dear friend saying hi and commenting on the not so excited place she finds herself in work-wise. Caught up with dear colleague at work, same space and conversation. While the places we’re in at times might not be so joyful, the connections we have are.


February 5, 2012 by · No Comments · Gratitude Project

Glorious sunny Sunday – at last! Friends, food, playing in the pool with the kids, family = good times. Relatively pain free. Some days are diamonds.


January 30, 2012 by · No Comments · Gratitude Project, Uncategorized

I fear I sound a little evangelical when I start talking about creativity, thinking about wonder, wondering about awe. I fear others might start to look at me sideways with that wary glance, start to back away…But wow, when you do really think about it – the joy of creativity is a wonderful thing, being in the flow of creativity – fabulous, witnessing others’ creativity – awe inspiring!
This post, 7 Deadly Sins of Creativity makes some excellent points – perhaps not new, but timely reminders at the start of the school year. What do we need – passion, knowledge, risk taking. Can’t wait to get into class with year 10!


January 28, 2012 by · No Comments · Gratitude Project

Bacon ‘n eggs, juice, several coffees, the delicious trash of Sunday papers and idle chat. Then relocating to the comfy chair with book to disappear for a little. The day feels long and full of promise and opportunity. I LOVE Sundays.


January 26, 2012 by · No Comments · Gratitude Project, Uncategorized

A funny thing to be grateful for, but worrying about your kids reminds you how connected you are to them – doesn’t matter how old they are, how independent… all too clearly reminded of mum especially, and the challenges I gave her.
Now – soundtrack is Australia day fireworks, not a fan of flag thongs, cossies, hats or ‘tatoos’, but do feel lucky to be Australian.

Catch up

January 24, 2012 by · No Comments · Gratitude Project

Writing this listening to new Leonard Cohen – what a divine experience! thanks to Prueberry thoughtfully sending it through. Thanks #1.
Thanks #2 = my birthday – so thanks to my beautiful mum and dad, my divine family!
Thanks #3 = my lovely friends calling and sending cards, love and thoughts.
Thanks #4 = glorious lunch with my greatest loves – Bruce, Bec, Lexie, Elise and Jan and Gail.
How lucky am I!